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Top Reasons to Choose a Fully Trained White Lab as Your New Family Member

If you’re ready to bring home a new furry family member, you’re probably wondering which breed of dog to get. It’s no surprise that White Labradors are one of our favorite breeds. Still, any breed of puppy needs training so they can thrive as part of your family. And that training takes work.

Or you could skip the time-consuming training process and choose a trained White Lab puppy to come home with you.

At Snowy Pines White Labs, all of our puppies complete our basic training program, Wagology 101, before they come home to you. You can choose to elevate your puppy’s skills with our Wagology Honors Program, which will give your puppy an AKC S.T.A.R. certification.

Or, your puppy can complete the Wagology Ph.D., our highest level of training, and you’ll get to bring home a fully potty-trained White Lab with an AKC Canine Good Citizen™ certification.

Here are the top three reasons why we recommend bringing home a fully trained White Lab.

1. Your Puppy Will Fit Right Into Your Life

Puppies are typically synonymous with chaos. Parents who already have young children at home may feel like they’ve added a furry toddler to the crew. First-time puppy parents with no kids at home might feel shocked at how much work it takes to care for a new puppy—let alone train her.

If you bring home a well-trained White Lab, your sweet new puppy will already know how to act in a home environment. She’ll still have that irresistible playfulness that all white labs possess.

But she’ll know how to join you in the kitchen during dinner prep without begging for a treat. And how to calmly snuggle up with the family during TV time. If you have other pets at home, she’ll have no problem joining the pack.

And of course, a fully trained White Lab means a pottytrained White Lab. You can say goodbye to the thoughts of cleaning poop off the carpet and scrubbing pee out of the couch.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Are White Labs good pets?” The answer is yes! White Labs are playful, intelligent, and loyal. When they come home to you fully trained, you get to enjoy the best parts of owning a lab. Since you won’t have to spend hours and days training your dog, you’ll have more time for cuddles, long walks, car rides, and puppy play dates with friends.

2. You Won’t Have to Deal With Leash-Pulling

Labrador Retriever puppies grow into big teddy bears very quickly. By the time they’re 16 weeks old, most Labs weigh about 30 pounds. At 30 weeks old, most weigh over 50 pounds. Mature females weigh around 70 pounds, and mature males weigh 70 to 80 pounds.

You have to train your lab to walk on a loose leash from the moment you bring them home. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself getting yanked down the sidewalk every time you take your pup out for a trot.

Or, you could bring home a fully trained Yellow Lab from Snowy Pines White Labs. (Remember, all White Labs are actually pale Yellow Labs!) All dogs who participate in the Wagology Honors Program or the Wagology Ph.D. learn to walk on a loose leash with no jumping or pulling.

When you bring your expertly trained White Lab home, you can take her for a comfortable, stress-free walk right away.

3. You’ll Get to Bond With Your Pup Right Away

It’s true that training a puppy yourself can help you bond with your new dog. But training a dog can also be stressful. You’ll need boatloads of time and patience to do it well.

If you don’t have a lot of patience or time, you might find yourself feeling frustrated when your dog doesn’t pick things up as quickly as you’d like. This can disrupt the bonding process and even lead to feelings of resentment toward your new puppy.

Some dog owners even come to regret bringing a puppy home at all. According to a survey conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), most dogs who are rehomed are given up between the ages of 5 months and 2 years. The reasons for this difficult decision are nuanced. But 46% of the survey’s participants who had rehomed a pet said it was due to pet problems, including behavior issues like aggression and destruction.

When you bring home a fully trained puppy, you’ll be able to focus on maintaining your dog’s existing training and bonding with your new puppy. And if you choose a fully trained White Lab from Snowy Pines White Labs, you can always reach out to our team if issues do come up. We are committed to helping your trained White Lab live a long and happy life with you at their side.

Meet Your New Gentle, Dependable Friend

One of the questions we get a lot is this: “What color lab is easiest to train?” With their calm, eager-to-please temperament and high intelligence, we believe that our White English Labradors are among the easiest around. Maintaining your White Lab’s training will be a breeze, and you can look forward to many years of happiness with your dog.

Are you ready to bring home an expertly trained White Lab? Head over to our puppy live stream to see our adorable fluff-balls in action or explore our available litters.

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