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Everything You Need to Know About Service Dogs

  • By searchbloom
  • June 04, 2020

Know About Service Dogs You’ve likely heard of a service dog before—you might’ve even seen one in a restaurant you were at or at the grocery store you were shopping in at some point.    But how much do you really know about them?   Intended for people with certain types of disabilities, service dogs are essential aids to thousands of people nationwide. But unlike other working dogs, like police

Golden Retriever vs. Lab

  • By snowy-pines-white-labradors
  • May 05, 2020

For many prospective owners, it’s not uncommon to question the difference between a golden retriever versus a labrador retriever. After all, they’re both wonderful dogs—and even have similar names. Ultimately, the differences between a golden retriever and a labrador are small. Both breeds have the potential to make the best type of companions for years to come in any family. But like most, it’s a big decision to make when

Calm Dog Breeds: Two Dog Breeds That Could Be Right For Your Family

  • By snowy-pines-white-labradors
  • April 20, 2020

Calm Dog Breeds Understanding Dog Breeds & Temperaments A dog’s physical appearance isn’t the only thing inherent in its breed. Every type of dog breed is also associated with ideal temperaments. The American Kennel Club has a useful “Breed Temperament Guide” based on various “parent clubs.” “Parent clubs” are different groupings of dogs, and the AKC has seven: sporting, hound, terrier, working, toy, herding, and non-sporting. Based on their heritage

Understanding the Difference Between Yellow & White Labrador Retrievers

  • By snowy-pines-white-labradors
  • April 01, 2020

What’s Right & What’s Wrong: Understanding the Difference Between Yellow & White Labrador Retrievers and Why We’re So Proud of Our Snowy Pines True White English Labs   Here at Snowy Pines White Labs, we love English Labradors! We think our True White Labs have the best calm temperaments, an undeniable friendliness, and make the best loyal family members. Labrador Retrievers are one of the best breeds of dogs on

Side-by-Side: The Difference Between English & American Labrador Retrievers

  • By snowy-pines-white-labradors
  • March 02, 2020

Labrador Retrievers are one of the best breeds of dogs on earth! They’re fun, funny, friendly, intelligent, dependable, outgoing, and totally loving. For the 28th year in a row, Labradors have claimed America’s heart as the most popular dog in the United States. With a strong desire to please whoever they’re with, Labradors are a joy to have in your home and they’re bound to be your family’s companion for