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Because of their intelligent, gentle, and trainable personalities, golden retrievers are one of America’s favorite dogs, and they make excellent pets for any sized family. Although Golden puppies are famous for their easygoing personalities, that doesn’t mean they’re different from other puppy breeds. As with any puppy, there’s plenty of planning, prepping, and shopping to do beforehand to ensure the best possible experience for your family and your new pet. 

Around the holidays, we eat a lot of foods that we don’t typically enjoy during other times of the year. However, many holiday food items can be harmful to dogs. This can be especially true if your dog gets into the trash or sneakily snags food off of dining room tables. What else should you keep in mind? Many holiday foods are high in fat, sodium, and simple sugars. These

The Golden Retriever is one of the country’s most popular dog breeds. It has been a favorite for 30 years and counting. It’s no surprise: retrievers make adorable pets with their friendly and enthusiastic personalities.  When people think of a retriever dog, they usually imagine a fluffy, cream and golden-colored dog that looks like it’s smiling. However, they’re often surprised to learn that there a few types of Golden Retrievers:

What Is Virtual Dog Training?

COVID-19 has put a damper on many things, and getting your dog trained by a professional trainer is one of them. Lockdowns and restrictions in many countries have limited the opportunities for families to schedule sessions and bring their dogs to trainers.  This has consequences beyond just obedient pups — the fact is that pooches rely on training to interact with other dogs, build up their arsenal of commands, and

What Age Should Dog Training Begin?

Ask any dog lover, and they’ll tell you with some certainty: Their dog is better trained than others’ dogs. Unfortunately, this might be far from the truth. While it’s natural for dog owners to think the best and highest of their four-legged companions, being well-trained is more than just knowing basic commands or having a polite personality.  Training your puppy is a core skill that takes months for both owners



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