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Did you know that consistent itching is one of the most common reasons dog owners seek veterinary attention for their pets?  If you find your Golden Retriever is itching and scratching more often than usual, then you’re not alone — itchy skin is one of pet owners’ most frequent health-related issues.  Luckily, there is good news: While there are plenty of potential causes for itchy skin, most of them can

What Is a Goldador?

What happens when you mix two of the most popular dog breeds — the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever? You get a friendly and lovable breed called the Goldador. The Goldador is a relatively new dog breed: These designer dogs were first bred a little over a decade ago. While they haven’t been around for long, they’re rising in popularity thanks to their friendly temperament and intelligence. Goldadors are

How Often Should You Bathe a Lab?

You walk through your front door, and suddenly it hits you: Eau de dog — or, perhaps more familiarly, dog perfume. And while we love our canine pals, it’s safe to say no one will be creating a perfume that harnesses their unique aroma. When your home starts to smell like a dog, it’s obviously time for your pup to take a bath. But in most cases, owners will try

When you picture Golden Retrievers, chances are you think of their classic yellow coat or ever-popular deep-red fur. But did you know a third colorway occurs in this timeless breed?  Near-white Golden Retrievers (also known as English Golden Retrievers) are increasingly sought-after by dog-lovers because of their stunning sheen and easy-going temperament.  Still, why do some Golden Retriever puppies pop out nearly white while others remain a traditional golden-yellow? And

Picture this: You’re welcoming a new, adorable Labrador puppy into your family and the whole family is excited to play with him. He’s incredibly excited, running around and wagging his tail. But as your kids approach the puppy, he starts biting and nipping them, causing a few surprised cries. Labrador Retrievers are friendly and playful puppies who grow into some of the most loyal adults – but you might worry



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