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White english

Labrador puppies

For the 28th year in a row, Labradors have claimed America’s heart as the most popular dog in the United States. And it looks like they are here to stay! Yet again, Labradors prove to be excellent companions and the perfect dog for families of any size, doing well with children, a variety of people, and other animals.

As part of the sporting group, Labradors are intelligent, friendly, and outgoing. Reaching up to 60 to 80 pounds as full-grown adults, Labs are the ideal medium-to-large size for most families. The dog’s eagerness to please and show continued loyalty quickly made them the most loved breeds in the world.

That’s why at Snowy Pines White Labs, we strive to continue the Labrador’s impressive purebred by only breeding the top bloodlines with healthy and excellent temperaments. Rated as one of the top breeders and trainers of white Lab puppies, there’s no need to search where to find Labrador puppies for sale anymore. With us, you get the best dogs with the most potent bloodlines.

If you are looking to add white Lab puppies to your home, start your journey today by browsing through our available puppies. And if you’re unsure whether these dogs are right for you, then take a look at why the Labrador is America’s favorite dog.

The most noticeable difference in our white lab puppies as opposed to dogs you may purchase from another breeder is that our animals receive a lot of individual attention. We are committed to offering each dog the love and care he or she deserves. We don’t believe it is morally right to produce many dogs and then not have the time or resources to care for them properly. As long as our dogs remain with us, we consider them to be a part of the family and treat them accordingly. We are so proud of what we do we would love your in person visit!! If you want to experience Snowy Pines just give us a call and we will set up an appointment.

At Snowy Pines White Labs, we find our work to be very rewarding. It is such a treat to receive a holiday letter and photo from a family who adopted a White Labrador Puppy from us. Just like people do with pictures of children, we always marvel at how much our dogs have grown. If you are asking yourself “where do I find a labrador puppy for sale near me?” please let us make this more than just buying a labrador puppy. Let us help you grow your family!!

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Available PUPPIES

At Snowy Pines White Labs, we know that the key to happy and healthy puppies are parents that are treated the same way. That’s why we select the most superior bloodlines and treat everybody as one of our own.

Currently, we have several dams and sires with fabulous personalities who are known for a beautiful build, temperament, and healthy bloodlines. To get an idea of which parents we have, you can take a look at all of our dogs, with more information on their certifications and health tests. You can also browse through the available litters by a specific set of parents.

The fact is that you get the best of the best when you choose Snowy Pines White Labs. We are experienced, dedicated, certified breeders and trainers who put our purebred white Lab puppies first. If you’re looking for English Lab puppies for sale, come visit us today!

Adoption Process and Requirements

Here at Snowy Pines, we love each of our puppies like they are part of our family. We take our role as white Lab breeders seriously. Unlike the puppies you’d find at a pet store or roadside stand, our puppies each receive love, care, and attention. This standard of care extends through the adoption process. We carefully vet each placement for the puppies we raise. 

Below, you can learn more about the pairs that have come together to produce our current litters. The pawprint in the lower right-hand side tells you how many white Labrador puppies are available from each litter. Once you’re ready to apply to adopt one of our white Lab puppies for sale, click the green button on the left-hand side of the page.

Make sure you’re prepared to answer questions about the life you plan to build with your new puppy from Snowy Pines. We ask each applicant a series of required questions to help us determine whether they’re a good fit. Provide as much information as you can about your home, lifestyle, family, and additional pets. This helps us match you to the white Lab puppy of your dreams.  

If you’re ready to put down a deposit on one of our white Labrador retrievers for sale, you can do so once you complete the application. Or, you can submit the application without committing to a deposit and we’ll reach out to have a deeper conversation. Either way, we will get to know you over the phone and help match you with the perfect furry friend when the time is right. You can even watch your puppy grow and play on our puppy live stream!


Our experience is more than just adding a puppy to the family! From health, to training, to years of support we pride ourselves in being the best in US! All our puppies are trained by our certified trainers and Snowy Pines is renowned as the best training program in the US (at home or in our facility).   All our puppies also have a personal training coach once they go home!

5 year genetic guarantee. We stand behind our excellent genetics!!!

Hand delivery to your front door anywhere in the US. We also love visitors so please don't hesitate to plan a trip!

Puppy livestream to watch your puppy daily as they grow.

English Lab sitting in the flowers

Willow & Bear

READY TO GO HOME Sept 2023-Oct 2023: Completing Snowy Pines University

Willow is expecting and we are so excited!  Willow is again from our legacy bloodlines and produces very white and blocky pups. She is paired with our Bear and these puppies will be some very stocky broad puppies.  True little polar bears!!  WE have 3 male and 2 females available on this litter that can go home after completing our SPWL University Training Programs.   Please reach out for details on this litter or you may place a deposit directly through the application link.

Go Home Dates:

Academy Completion: Sept 1, 2023

College Completion: Oct 1, 2023

PHD Completion : Nov 3, 2023

$7,500 to $17,500 depending on level of training
paw imageMales all reserved and 1 female available

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

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white english lab sitting in a box

Blossom & Klondike

READY TO GO HOME Oct-Dec 2023 completing our Puppy University training program

Blossom and Klondike have produced a beautiful litter of English Lab puppies.  Blossom is special to us as she is the daughter of Nova, the legacy bloodline of Snowy Pines.  These genetics have been proven for over a decade. When paired with Klondike you get the perfect white English Labrador.  These puppies will be entering our training program and could enter service dog training if requested.  Please reach out for details on this litter or you may place a deposit directly through the application link.

Go Home Dates:

Academy Completion:  October 20, 2023

College Completion: Nov 17, 2023

PHD Completion : Dec 22, 2023

$7,500 to $17,500 depending on level of training
paw image1 male and 2 females available

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

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Yellow Lab looking at camera

Winter & Casper

READY TO GO HOME Dec 2023 or after: Completing Snowy Pines University 

Winter time is happening in the summer this year!!  We are so excited on Winter to continue our legacy bloodlines here are Snowy Pines.  She will produce some stunning white puppies and being paired with Casper makes them the best build and personality possible! Winter had a litter of 10 puppies on May 30, 2023 that can go home after completing our SPWL University Training Programs.   The only remaining puppies on this litter have tested as service dog potentials.  These go home dates will be dependent on the program training.    Please reach out for details on this litter or you may place a deposit directly through the application link.

Go Home Dates:

ESA or Service Dog:  Dec 2023+

$25,000+ depending on service dog program

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

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english lab in the creek

Elsa & Casper

READY TO GO HOME Oct 2023-Dec 2023: Completing Snowy Pines University

Elsa has been raised as a puppy here at Snowy Pines and has a special place in our hearts.  She is the perfectly built English Lab and we love to show her off!  Definitely high service dog potentials in this litter.  We have 3 male and 3 female spots available on this litter that can go home after completing our SPWL University Training Programs.   Please reach out for details on this litter or you may place a deposit directly through the application link.

Go Home Dates:

Academy Completion: Oct 06, 2023

College Completion: Nov 03, 2023

PHD Completion : Dec 08, 2023

$7,500 to $17,500 depending on level of training
paw image5 females available and ALL males reserved

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

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English Labrador with a blocky head

Aspen & Casper

READY TO GO HOME Aug-Oct, 2023 depending on level of training.  HIGH SERVICE DOG POTENTIALS!

Aspen and Casper produce absolutely perfect English Lab puppies and this litter is no exception!  They will be beautifully built and with personalities that are second to none.  High potential for service dog candidates in this litter.  This will also be Aspen’s last litter before she is retired!! We are taking reservations on 2 this is one  males and 3 females this litter that can go home after completing our SPWL University Training Programs.    Please reach out for details on this litter or you may place a deposit directly through the application link.

Go Home Dates:

Academy Completion:  August 25, 2023

College Completion:  Sept 22, 2023

PHD Completion :  Oct 27, 2023

$7,500 to $17,500 depending on level of training
paw image1 female available and males all reserved

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

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white golden retriever in a box

Helga & Teddy

READY TO GO HOME Oct-Dec 2023: Completing Snowy Pines University 

Helga is the perfect example of a white golden retriever that not only is the perfect family dog but has the personality and confirmation of a champion.  She is being paired with Teddy.  Teddy produces some of the best golden retriever puppies you could as for.   These puppies will be STUNNING!! We are accepting 7 reservations (3 male and 4 females)  from this litter that will be completing Snowy Pines University Academy program Oct-Dec 2023 depending on the level of training. You will be able to start watching this litter at approx 5 weeks old on the live puppy stream.   Please reach out for details or you may place a deposit on this litter directly through the application link.

Go Home Dates:

Academy Completion: Oct 13, 2023

College Completion: Nov 10, 2023

PHD Completion : Dec 15, 2023

$7,500 to $17,500 depending on level of training
paw image2 males and 3 females available

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

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Yellow Lab looking at camera

Iris & Casper

READY TO GO HOME Oct-Dec 2023: Completing Snowy Pines University 

Meet Iris and Casper, the proud parents of some of the most delightful English Lab puppies. Originating from legacy bloodlines, these magnificent dogs have proven their quality generation after generation, solidifying their reputation as extraordinary breeders.

With their serene personalities, Iris and Casper bring to life stocky, white puppies that are the epitome of calm and affection. These puppies are not just pets; they are the perfect family companions, embodying everything that makes the English Lab a beloved breed.

We’re currently accepting reservations for this special litter, consisting of 4 males and 2 females. Each puppy can become a cherished addition to your family after completing our exclusive SPWL University Training Programs. These programs ensure that every pup is well-trained, obedient, and ready to seamlessly integrate into their new home.

Interested in adopting one of Iris and Casper’s delightful puppies? Please reach out to us for more details, or you can place a deposit directly through the application link provided.

Go Home Dates:

Academy Completion:  Oct 27, 2023

College Completion: Nov 24, 2023

PHD Completion : Dec 29, 2023

$7500 to $17,500 depending on level of training
paw image4 males and 2 females

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

Apply for Puppy Adoption
labrador puppy with toy in its mouth

Star & Theo

READY TO GO HOME Nov ’23-Jan ’24 depending on level of training. 

Star is one of highest bred English Labradors.  She is from a world champion linage and we are so proud of her. She is cream shaded and when paired with Theo you get a great English cream lab puppy! The temperament will be very calm and potential service dogs (especially emotional support dogs).  We are taking reservations on 4 males and 5 females this litter that can go home after completing our SPWL University Training Programs.    Please reach out for details on this litter or you may place a deposit directly through the application link.

Go Home Dates:

Academy Completion:  Nov 3, 2023

College Completion:  Dec 1, 2023

PHD Completion :  Jan 5, 2024 (could be expedited for Christmas)

$7,500 to $17,500 depending on level of training
paw image4 males and 5 females available (potential service dogs)

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

Apply for Puppy Adoption

First Available Male & First Available Female


$7,500-$17,500 depending on training level
paw imageMale and Female

You can now put a deposit down after filling out Adoption form

Apply for Puppy Adoption

Meet America's

favorite dog!

You know that the white Labrador is America’s favorite dog, but how did they obtain that slot? Here’s a little bit of history: Our white Lab puppies are actually white English Labs — a subtype of the great Labrador Retriever.

The Labrador breed only goes back about 250 years, originating from the tip of Newfoundland in St. John by the Labrador Sea. Some experts theorize the breed name came from this location, but others believe it might be a play on the Portuguese word for “Laborer.”

In the 16th century, early British settlers and fishers came to Canada to take advantage of the abundance of food available in the Labrador Sea. It was then that they met the local dogs, which were Newfoundlands and St. John water dogs. As early breeders, the colonists wanted to combine the best of both breeds, creating a kind with the utmost loyalty, intelligence, agility, and friendliness. Ultimately, this helped shape today’s white Labrador retriever.

Despite its name, the difference between a white Labrador from America and an English Labrador can primarily be seen in build and temperament. The variations come down to how the Labradors are bred. Classically, English Labs are primarily produced as show dogs (very blocky features), whereas the American Labs are bred to be working dogs. American Labs are known to have higher energy, whereas English Labs don’t mind snuggling on the couch at the end of the day. At Snowy Pines White Labs, we try to capture the best of both worlds by breeding dogs that are athletic yet completely calm with the build of an English Labrador.

Taking from those famous bloodlines, we guarantee the most beautiful purebred English Labrador puppies with white coats and dark features that any family would love.

White Labrador Puppy Looking At Camera

About Snowy Pines White Labs

As one of the nation’s leading breeders and trainers for white Lab puppies, we at Snowy Pines White Labs pride ourselves on the work we do. With a fully attentive staff and a state-of-the-art facility, we strive to raise healthy, loving, and intelligent white Lab puppies from our thriving dams and sires. So if you are looking for purebred English Labrador puppies, then there’s no need to look any further.

As a Bred with Heart breeder of the American Kennel Club, we work with exclusive bloodlines to ensure that the offspring always contain champion and royal pedigrees. Snowy Pines White Labs has been breeding and training white Lab puppies for two generations. We adhere to the most optimal standards, which includes putting health first and foremost. Our days are full of playtime, socialization, and basic training etiquette.

Most of all, we encourage anybody to come see how we raise our puppies. We genuinely pride ourselves on the work we put into the program we have on our 120-acre property in the Ozark Mountains.


How We

Stand Out From the Crowd!

At Snowy Pines White Labs, we are not only breeders and trainers, but we are truly passionate about the breed and each individual that comes our way. That’s why we treat all of our white Lab puppies like our own from the minute they’re born to the second they leave.

In fact, most families keep us up-to-date on their new family member. This is something we always look forward to and are eager to hear about your many happy adventures for years to come.

To ensure a happy life together, we will help walk you through the adoption process and are open to answer any questions you have. Before taking your new family member home, we will educate you on their habits, schedule, food type, exercise tips, and more to make the transition as seamless as possible. And to go the extra step, we will always be available in the coming weeks after adoption to help answer any questions.

We also offer a full replacement guarantee against genetic defects in our white Lab puppies for up to five years!!  We have one of the best guarantees in the country!! Many breeders don’t offer a guarantee like this, which is what makes us different. We are so confident in our puppies’ health and trust the superior bloodline to provide the best foundation for our English Labrador puppies.

If you are eager to find English Lab puppies for sale, then all you have to do is learn more about our white Lab puppies here!

Why Our Puppies Are Different

The special interactions we give each one of our puppies is what sets us apart from any other breeder.  At Snowy Pines White Labs, this level of socialization is standard because we want all of our white Lab puppies to be accustomed to human interaction when it’s time to go home. This way, we can guarantee that any puppy you choose will go home wholly socialized and ready to join your family.  It is also important to remember that we raise true yellow Labradors.  Our bloodlines are true yellow lab genetics but are light (or white) in color.  This means there are no dilute or albino genes in any of our genetics.  We continue to take our light colored yellow labs and pair them the the right light colored yellow lab to achieve our white coloration.  We have worked with our bloodlines for over a decade to achieve a true yellow Labrador that is white in color.  We are very proud of this accomplishment!!

Another thing that sets us apart is that we are hands-on and attentive. As long as our dogs are with us, they are family to us — but it doesn’t stop there. Even after adoption, we are more than happy to stay in contact and answer any questions you may have in the coming weeks. But above all, we always adhere to our main priorities while also allowing our puppies to play on our land and receive advanced training services. Watch our Puppy Live Stream to not only add some cuteness to your day but to see how happy and loved our puppies are.  If you have searched for “English Lab puppies for sale near me” we want you to know this is not just a transaction for us. We take our family placements serious.


A Calm Temperament

We promote a calm temperament with frequent and appropriate socialization, advanced training options, and developing the English Labrador trait.

Classically bred as show dogs, English Labs are traditionally calmer than their American counterparts. They are also less active and quieter which makes them easier to train and the perfect family dog for any type of family.

At Snowy Pines White Labs, we are firm believers in socializing our white Lab puppies with adults, children, and other animals so that they will grow up to be confident adults.


Genetically True English Labrador

Snowy Pines White Labs is dedicated to continuing strong bloodlines for white English Labradors. That’s why each one of our dams and sires is verified by the AKC as a purebred with certified genetics. We have all the appropriate information and genetic paperwork necessary on our dogs, which are available upon request, so you know that you are getting true white Lab puppies.


Always White in Color

Our name Snowy Pines White Labs says it all, and we’ve got the proof to show it. Producing snow-white Lab puppies is what we do best, which is what we can always guarantee. You’ll always find our puppies have gorgeous white coats and distinguishable black noses.

Sometimes, we might get a puppy from a litter with cream around the tips of the ears or tails, but that is becoming more and more sought after because of the beauty of this shading. And if you are one of those who prefer a hint of cream, let us know so we can match you up with the perfect family member today!

Free Reign

in the ozark mountains!

White Labrador In The Lake

Can you imagine a world where your puppy gets to run and play on 120 acres? Luckily, our dogs and puppies get to do this every single day. Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, our white Lab puppies and their parents take full advantage of our 120-acre property with creeks, ponds, pastures, and woods where they can play, discover, and socialize for hours on end.

Best of all, we always welcome visitors. When you come to see our puppies, you can also run and play with them to get to know them and where they grew up. Since we believe in breeding for families, we always treat our puppies as our own by giving them the best resources to grow up happily and healthily.   We have a very thorough and strict biosecurity program that allows families to visit.  This investment sets us apart from most breeders.

Three Levels of

advanced training!

We are not only one of the nation’s best white Lab puppy breeders, but we’re also located in a state-of-the-art training facility. Here, your puppy will receive specialized training of your choice.

We offer three levels of training: Puppy Academy and Puppy College. Both courses are based on weekly training but vary depending on how extensive you want the training to be. For starters, Puppy Academy is a basic introduction course to training that lasts for two to three weeks. On the other hand, Puppy College is a more extensive class that prepares a puppy for a future as a service or emotional support dog.

Wagology 101

Puppy manners are essential. Learning these key points is vital in ensuring you and your white Lab puppy will have a happy life together. Wagology 101 training is a 4 week course that begins when the puppy turns seven to eight weeks old. Successful graduates of this course must know all of the required command words in both verbal and physical cues.

They will learn basic commands such as “yes, no, sit, down, stay,” and more, as well as conditioning like greetings without jumping, crate conditioning, grooming introduction, separation building, and more.

Wagology Honors

Wagology Honors includes everything from Wagology 101 but is an additional 4 weeks. This course is more in-depth and covers just about everything you and your dog need to know to better communicate with each other in the future. Going beyond basic commands and conditioning, Wagology Honors is expansive, as it covers complex commands and behaviors.

Your white Lab puppy will learn basic commands plus complex ones like “leave it, get it, calm, loose leash walking,” and more. Conditioning will advance to vetting behaviors and complete grooming behaviors.

Wagology Doctorate

Wagology Doctorate is our most advanced program and is known across the globe for producing some of the most well-behaved & trained English Labradors. Most importantly, all graduates are Canine Good Citizen Certified (a foundation for most great service dogs) which is a useful program that allows the puppy to master ten necessary skills that instill confidence and good manners.

We are now offering virtual training programs under the Snowy Pines University Virtual Academy. This is not just a library of pre-recorded videos but actual 1 on 1 training done virtually from our best-in-class certified trainers.

Resources on White Labs from the Snowy Pines Experts 

Do you have questions about white Labrador puppies that we haven’t answered yet on this page? Our team of experts at Snowy Pines has put together a treasure trove of resources to help you learn everything you can about white Labrador puppies. Take a look at some of the top FAQs we get asked and the resources that go with them. 

Q: What’s the Difference Between a White and Yellow Labrador Retriever?

A: White and yellow Labrador retrievers are the same! White labs are simply a lighter version of yellow labs. Learn more in our guide to the differences between white and yellow labs.

Q: What is the Labrador Retriever Growth Rate?

A: White Labrador retrievers should gain about two pounds a week for the first six months of their life. This should slow down to one and a half pounds a week until the puppy is one year old. Our Lab growth chart infographic breaks down how much your puppy should grow from week to week for optimal health.

Q: Do Labrador Retrievers Shed?

A: Like most dogs, Labrador retrievers shed to get rid of old hair and allow for new growth in their coats. The bulk of the shedding happens during transition seasons like spring and fall. If you’re not a fan of finding dog hair everywhere, take a look at our tips to reduce shedding in Labs.We hope you’ve enjoyed this Q&A session! If you want to learn more about the dogs that produce our beautiful white Labrador retriever puppies for sale, you can meet each dam and sire here. And if you want to add another special breed to your pack, take a look at our English Cream Golden retriever puppies!


What our Customers Say

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