Our Ozark home

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At Snowy Pines, our family of


Come from a formidable heritage that has spanned generations of professionally trained, top-quality English retrievers.

If you’ve ever marveled at someone’s White Labrador, be it for its coat or its manners, its personality, or its training, there’s a very good chance the breeders at Snowy Pines had a hand in bringing up these puppies!

Snowy Pines White Labs Ozark Home Corridor white lab puppy laying in the grass cute white lab sitting on a blanket outside
A white lab puppy laying in the ozark home bed smiling cute white puppy



From the moment our White Lab puppies are born, they bound and play, taking full advantage of our beautiful 120-acre property to discover, socialize, and quench their curiosities. Then as adults, our White Labrador Retrievers remain keepers and explorers of their land, nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.

Because we’re a family, and we’re breeding for families, our AKC registered English Labradors are treated like family. It’s why our Labs have such exceptional temperaments, and are so sweet, protective, loyal, and lovable.



A calm temperament

True English labs are much calmer than their American counterparts. While American labs make super-fast excellent bird dogs that also comes with an excessive amount of energy. We want just the opposite in our white labs. We are looking for a calm very laid-back Labrador that has energy to play and be active but also is content just lying at the feet of its owners and enjoying the easy life.


A genetically clean true English Labrador

Above all other qualities’ genetics are at the top of our list. All our dogs must be genetically sound. We have OFA Hip and Elbows certifications, eye certifications and full genetic panels including the following diseases: CNM, CY, DM, EIC, HNPK, HUU, PKD, PRA-prcd, and SD2. For more information on these panels please visit here.

In addition to clean genetics, we want a true English Lab body style. This includes the renowned block head, broad shoulders, and shorter stockier builds. While some of dams haver soft features, we strive towards this traditional build.


White in color

As our name implies, we raise white English Labs!!! While this is important, we have some bloodlines that have cream shading to the ears or tips of the tails, and we are perfectly ok with this!! We will never sacrifice color for pour genetics or temperament. Yes, most of our dogs are white in color but you will also see litters that we point out cream shading to. Some of our families prefer this shading but just ask us and we will make sure you get the color you are looking for!!.


Our trainers give immense love and attentive care to our pups

Emma CPDT-KA & KPA CTP Certified

Emma is our Certified Head of Training and has years of experience working with a variety of dog breeds, with titles on her own dogs in Therapy, Agility, and Protection. Emma is a CPDT-KA certified trainer as well as KPA CTP Karen Pryor Certified.  This is the gold standard of training certification in the US.  Her experience spans a variety of skill sets, including group training, grooming, boarding, and food research. We are so happy to have her on our team! At home, Emma is a wife and mother, and has eleven dogs of her own. Emma earned her Bachelor’s degree at Arkansas State University, majoring in Agricultural Studies with a minor in Animal Science. In her free time, Emma enjoys competition Bar-B-Que with her husband, bass fishing, camping, and tennis!

I love Labs for their friendly, outgoing, biddable dispositions. I love their versatility in their abilities ranging from calm companions to service dogs.


Chloe is our Health and Reproductive Specialist, and comes to us having been a veterinary assistant for four years. We feel blessed to have Chloe as a part of our team! Chloe has a passion for animal health, especially dogs. At home, Chloe enjoys working with her fiancée on their cattle farm. She has three dogs of her own, in addition to three Quarter Horses and a cat lovingly named “Monster.” In her free time, Chloe enjoys riding and training her Quarter Horses, Trail Riding, Kayaking, Basketball, and being a member of our county’s chapter of the Cattlemen’s Association.

I love Labs for their willingness to please and bond with their owners. They’re great exploring companions, and they love the outdoors as much as I do!


Gary is our Manager here at Snowy Pines, and we are grateful for his leadership! Gary served in the United States Army for six years with multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. After the military, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in History with a minor in Political Science from Lyon College, as well as a Masters in Administration from Missouri State University. Gary worked for twelve years coaching baseball at the collegiate level as an Associate Head Coach. Gary is married to his lovely wife, Lauren, and has four children: Rourke Garian, Londyn Elizabeth, Easton Sterling, and Shepherd Rhys. Gary’s free time is spent with Lauren fostering their kids’ passions for sports, including baseball, basketball, ballet, soccer, tap dancing, and gymnastics!

I love Labs because of their calm temperaments and loving personalities, and I’m so excited about the team we have at Snowy Pines and how well we are able to serve our wonderful customers!”