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Calm Dog Breeds: Two Dog Breeds That Could Be Right For Your Family

Calm Dog Breeds

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Understanding Dog Breeds & Temperaments

A dog’s physical appearance isn’t the only thing inherent in its breed. Every type of dog breed is also associated with ideal temperaments. The American Kennel Club has a useful “Breed Temperament Guide” based on various “parent clubs.” “Parent clubs” are different groupings of dogs, and the AKC has seven: sporting, hound, terrier, working, toy, herding, and non-sporting.

Based on their heritage and what these dogs were known for, both Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers fall into the “sporting” category. We wrote about it before, so if you’d like to learn more about the history of Labrador Retrievers, read our blog post here.

Way back when, Labs were known for jumping into the icy water and helping fishermen bring in nets of fish (…or track down those precocious fish that had worked hard at wriggling away!). Labs are known for being outgoing, intelligent, adaptable, and easy to please. Labs also shouldn’t be aggressive or shy. To this day, they’re one of the most popular dogs on earth.

Golden Retrievers are also known for their sweet and docile qualities, making them a loving and joyful addition to your family. Goldens are usually known for being friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. As dogs, Goldens shouldn’t be timid, nervous, or quarrelsome toward people or other dogs.

Why is it so Easy to Fall in Love with a Lab?

It’s so easy to love a lab! Labs make wonderful pets for families. (We’re walking proof of that! Feel free to see what our customers have said in their reviews.) Thanks to their size, strength, intelligence, and easygoing nature, Labs also make wonderful service companions.

Did you know that most seeing eye dogs or guide dogs are Labradors or Golden Retrievers? Their easy temperament and their trainability make them ideal partners for people who need a helping hand. In his book, “Have Dog, Will Travel,” the poet and writer Stephen Kuusisto remarks on how Corky, his first-ever yellow Lab guide dog ultimately changed his life.

Labs and Retrievers also aid the hearing-impaired. They might let them know when the doorbell rings when a call is coming through, when a siren is blaring, or when a baby is crying.

Even the military and police will use Labs and Retrievers for scenting and tracking. Have you ever walked by a trained dog stationed near airport security? These dogs go through extensive training to learn how to sniff and detect questionable items in carry-on luggage.

Medical detection dogs, which can be Labs or Retrievers, are trained to be attuned to certain medical conditions, like epilepsy or when a diabetic’s blood sugar is low. How do dogs know? Different diseases create different chemical reactions within a person’s body. These reactions bring forth certain scents that are expressed in a person’s sweat or breath. With their incredible scent glands, dogs can react.

Labs and Retrievers also make wonderful therapy dogs. They are especially good emotional support dogs. We can provide specialized training for these types of needs as well. These breeds are both popular pooches to bring in and brighten up the days for people in nursing homes and hospitals, children in daycares, college students, and even inmates in prison.

Calm Dogs & Family Life

Even with their even-keeled spirit, it’s important to remember that these dogs won’t always be a “bump on a log.” Calm dogs still have lots of energy. No pup is going to be docile, laid back, and mellow 24/7.

All dogs (and humans, too!) need to get adequate fresh air and exercise, so walks around the block or some playtime in the backyard will help keep both you and your dog healthy and happy.

We’re beyond proud of our Snowy Pines True White English Labs. We think our True White Labs are the sweetest animals and…boy are they loyal! When they are tired and tuckered out, our calm-tempered, white English Labs are the kind of puppies that will fall asleep right in your arms.

If you’re thinking about getting a happy-go-lucky, bouncy, tail-wagging sweetheart for your family, call us!

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