Tom Massey

Tom Massey has owned and operated Snowy Pines Labradors for over a decade. They have become the leaders in English Labradors in the US. He and his team serve customers all over the US and Europe. They house their "dog family" in a state of the art facility on a large farm in the Ozark Mountains. With an obsession for genetics and temperament they raise and train dogs known across the globe for health and personality. Tom serves the pet industry in many forms campaigning for ethical breeding, training, and pet ownership.

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What Is Virtual Dog Training?

COVID-19 has put a damper on many things, and getting your dog trained by a professional trainer is one of them. Lockdowns and restrictions in many countries have limited the opportunities for families to schedule sessions and bring their dogs to trainers.  This has consequences beyond just obedient pups — the fact is that pooches rely on training to interact with other dogs, build up their arsenal of commands, and

Ask any dog lover, and they’ll tell you with some certainty: Their dog is better trained than others’ dogs. Unfortunately, this might be far from the truth. While it’s natural for dog owners to think the best and highest of their four-legged companions, being well-trained is more than just knowing basic commands or having a polite personality.  Training your puppy is a core skill that takes months for both owners

“We need to learn to understand the language of dogs so that we can understand what our dogs are telling us, that is the secret of living a good life together.” Famed Norwegian dog trainer, Turid Rugaas, had the right idea when she said this. Coming to terms with understanding precisely what it is our dogs need is a challenge—but all humans who love dogs know that it’s one that’s

Ah, summer, the perfect time to get outside with your Labrador and go for long walks and brisk runs. Depending on where you live in the United States, there’s a point in the season where pleasant breezes turn into humid days and these extreme temperatures could endanger your Labrador Retriever. In 2020 alone, PETA found that 31 pets died after being left by their owners in a car on a

Owning a new lab puppy is an exciting time in your life, but it’s certainly a handful! From potty training to behavioral training, a new dog owner has a ton of responsibilities—sometimes more than they can keep up with. You’ve heard that crating your lab puppy is a popular and powerful way to train them, but you don’t love the idea of locking up your new best friend in a


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