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Get to Know Us at Snowy Pines White Labradors

Snowy Pines White Labs breeds and raises AKC registered English Labradors, White Labradors and White English Labs. These beautiful dogs are hand-raised to become your hand-picked puppy from Snowy Pines. Snowy Pines provides a lovely setting in the Ozark Mountains for puppies to run and play. At Snowy Pines we realize the fundamental value of raising pets to be family members. Puppies and adult dogs are never confined away from people or peers, because that is not a positive experience for dogs. Instead, we provide a loving family with plenty of enriching exposures for them. This consideration allows for happy dogs, promoting the best of temperaments in our Snowy White Labradors. Very few litters of pups are raised per year at Snowy Pines. In fact, as small, select breeders, we average only two to four litters of pups per year. Desirable bloodlines of an exclusive nature only are chosen, to assure that the offspring is of royal, championship genetics. This exclusivity comes to light with beautiful, healthy, showy dogs of snow white lineage. It is highly rewarding to see one of of these beautiful pups mature and become a canine friend and family member. Christmas cards and greetings from adoptive families are treasured. We get to see our puppies happily engaged with children and growing up! Our puppies are considered ready for adoption at the ages of seven to eight weeks. A weaning process with excellent nutrition is provided, and the pup is considered part of our home until he enters yours. A plan to adopt one of our pups will include several options. A first endeavor might be to visit Snowy Pines and have fun with some of the dogs. Isn’t that what obtaining a dog is all about? Dogs are fun! Get to know our beautiful dams and sires. These are the parents of our pups, and their great personalities will be passed on to their offspring. You’ll notice right away that these dogs receive a great deal of love and attention. This is one of the primary reasons we keep our breeding low. It is only fair that the number of pups produced by our establishment benefit from the care and love we can provide. Please notify us right away when you become seriously interested in adopting one of our puppies. There is a high demand for our canine bloodlines, so be sure to let us know of your interest us as early as possible. We will then accept your deposit and provide you with ongoing information about prospective litters. Once you commit to adoption, we will be with you through the entire process. We share information about exercise and diet, proper training and all the things that go into a pup’s transformation into a happy, healthy friend for your family. Why not call us or send an email requesting our brochure? It’s the first step! Take a look at our website photo gallery depicting our beautiful, happy dogs. We love our dogs, and are proud of their championship bloodlines and remarkable dispositions…

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About the Author


Tom Massey

Tom Massey has owned and operated Snowy Pines Labradors for over a decade. They have become the leaders in English Labradors in the US. He and his team serve customers all over the US and Europe. They house their "dog family" in a state of the art facility on a large farm in the Ozark Mountains. With an obsession for genetics and temperament they raise and train dogs known across the globe for health and personality. Tom serves the pet industry in many forms campaigning for ethical breeding, training, and pet ownership.


Calm Tempered, AKC Purebred, and Certified Genetics.